The standard material for our impactors is stainless steel.

To keep the volume flowrate constant, critical nozzles are provided. Below measuring ranges are given in aerodynamic equivalent diameters.


Type LPI 25/0,018/2

Volume flow rate 25 l/min
Measuring range 0,018 µm - 16 µm
11 stages

Type LPI 25/0,01/2

Volume flow rate 25 l/min
Measuring range 0,01 µm - 16 µm
12 stages

Type LPI 30/0,06/2

Volume flow rate 30 l/min
Measuring range 0,08 µm - 16 µm
9 stages

Type LPI 80/0,05/2,9

Volume flow rate 80 l/min
Measuring range 0,05 µm - 10 µm
6 stages


Furthermore we deliver impactors with volume flow rates of 4 l/min up to 150 l/min. We kindly ask you to give us your special requirements and we will be pleased to offer an impactor especially designed for your needs.

urthermore our production program includes impactors with rotating stages, e.g. with above stated volume flow rates and measuring ranges.